Jordan: 35 entrepreneurs from Jordan Computer Association participated in an awareness session on Intellectual Property under IPMED project


The Jordan Enterprise Development Corporation (JEDCO) conducted an online awareness session on 5th of May about the EU-funded project “Intellectual Properties Capacities for Smart, Sustainable and Inclusive Growth in the Mediterranean Region” (IPMED), with the participation of 35 people representing local SMEs and entrepreneurs.

The session's main objectives is to raise awareness and offer guidance regarding the mechanisms and conditions of benefiting from IPMED which is being implemented through JEDCO as a leader in partnership with Greece, Italy, Spain and Tunisia through a total of 1.194 million euros funded by the Cross-Border Cooperation Programme for the Mediterranean Basin within the European Neighborhood Instrument (ENI CBC MED), in order to develop small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), promote economic and social development and support innovative entrepreneurs’ projects.

JEDCO's acting CEO Adi Ghuneim said that "In the increasingly knowledge driven economy, IP is a key consideration in day to day business decisions. New products, brands and creative designs appear almost daily on the market and are the result of continuous human innovation and creativity, SMEs are often the driving force behind such innovations"

The Acting CEO also stressed the importance of organizing and implementing tailor-made seminars and e-learning facilities with a twofold purpose: Enhancing the capacities of public authorities and stakeholders in relation to essential IPR issues for improved policies and practice; and enhancing the capacities of public authorities and innovation brokers of all target regions for the provision of innovative services.

In addition to conducting a capacity-building phase, the project will provide services for start-ups and young and women entrepreneurs. This will allow for testing project results and provide room for potential improvement.

Contributing to policy development in the field of IPR and innovation is one of the objectives of IPMED. Intellectual Property is a field where, despite intense international efforts for harmonization, significant differences exist both in law and in practice from one country or organization to another. It is expected that the project activities will contribute to improve frameworks and practices in all target regions and countries.

Ghuneim emphasized the importance of the developmental role undertaken by small, micro and medium enterprises and projects within the national economy, whether by contributing to the GDP, by strengthening exports or by providing job opportunities.  He added that all available capabilities will be dedicated to render entrepreneurships a success and to put them on the economic competition map, locally and internationally.

The coordinator of the Eatern Mediterranean Branch Office of the ENI CBC Med, Dr. Esmat Karadsheh, said that there are 14 countries in the region that the program targets, including Jordan, in order to exchange experiences, knowledge and joint work for the sustainability of development, sustainability of activities, environmental sustainability and joint cooperation for the development and common economy of the countries of the Mediterranean basin and building an effective partnership.

Speakers from the project's strategic partners participated in the workshop, a representative from the Intellectual Property Directorate at the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Supply gave a presentation on the services provided.

The Chairman of the Jordan Computer Association, Dr. Mowaffaq Hananda, affirmed that the association is implementing a comprehensive strategy
 that contributes to the development of the Jordanian information and communication technology sector in general through the development of the workforce in the sector in addition to organizing a number of training courses and workshops and supporting SMEs by hosting them in the business incubator which was established in the association’s office, in addition to supporting school students by encouraging them to participate in programming competitions that are organized in cooperation with partners.
 Al-Hananda indicated that the association took the initiative, as part of its efforts, to circulate the invitation to attend this awareness session to its members and affiliates in order to enable them to benefit from the financial grants and services provided by IPMED project for those who meet the requirements.