Jordan: ESMES discussed rising challenges facing electrical grid operators in Jordan


One of the main goals of ESMES is the optimization of energy consumption in public schools through innovative, monitoring-based renewable energy and energy efficiency (REEE) pilot actions. This will require custom innovative photovoltaic (PV) designs, that consider the load behavior, the grid conditions, and specific location environmental factors.

To meet project goals, the German Jordanian University (GJU), ESMES partner in Jordan, held a meeting with Irbid District Electric Company (IDECO) to discuss the rising issues facing electrical grid operators due to increased PV penetration in Jordan. In this meeting, GJU presented some of the project goals related to piloting innovative solutions and providing necessary data to affect policy change. While IDECO presented the technical challenges that are facing the electrical sector in Jordan. As the project’s pilot will tackle both load behavior and grid conditions, while being scalable, it was agreed to share information in different implementation phases to better meet project goals.