Jordan: job opportunity under NEX-LABS to implement the Testing Vouchers

Image courtesy Pixabay via Pexels

Call for experts to provide consultancy services for the implementation of the Testing Vouchers in Jordan under the NEX-LABS Project.

NEX-LABS Testing Vouchers aim to empower and provide 8 young researchers/innovators, entrepreneurs, and start-ups who are working on NEXUS-related technologies with access to physical space for testing and validating their innovations. The prospective beneficiaries will benefit from a needs assessment followed by testing services worth 5,000 euros. This voucher will grant them access to physical infrastructure and knowhow required to properly and objectively test or validate their NEXUS innovations (prototypes, products, services, materials, pilot processes, methods).

The service provider will work closely with the beneficiaries to validate their product by technical testing. The testing may be conducted internally or through other appropriate facilities.

Application deadline: 17/05/2023.

How to apply

  • Technical Offer shall be placed inside a sealed envelope clearly marked “Technical Offer”, and similarly for the Financial Offer, then placed into one outer envelope.
  • This outer envelope shall be properly addressed and bear the name of the assignment, the bidder’s name and the address.
  • Tenders submitted by any other means will not be considered.
  • Tenders received after the deadline will be automatically excluded from further evaluation.
  • Submission address:

Procurement Department - Royal Scientific Society

Ahmad Al Tarawneh St, Al Jubaiha, Amman


Download the Terms of Reference with the full information and instructions on how to apply

For further information please contact: