Jordan: job opportunity under NEX-LABS to organize and implement the Idea Generation Programme

Image courtesy Dylan Gillis via Unsplash

Call for experts to provide consultancy services for the o rganisation and implementation of an Idea Generation Programme within the activities of NEX-
LABS Project.

The Idea Generation Programme is a laboratory of ideas and represents an early-stage entrepreneurship programme, which includes training, advice, business model prototyping, and a final competition.

Participants in this Programme will receive training, access to an expert mentor to assist in validating technologies and business models, and to guide them towards identifying the best route to market. Finally, the Programme will include a final competition where participants pitch their start-ups and solutions to a panel of experts, who will nominate the top solutions with the highest potential for growth and societal impact.
As a result of participating in the program, innovative teams will mature their ideas and start-ups and gain validation and commercial opportunities within the integrated NEXUS ecosystem offered by NEX-LABS, thus finding an abridged route to the market.

Application deadline: 17/04/2023.

How to apply

  • Technical Offer shall be placed inside a sealed envelope clearly marked “Technical Offer”, and similarly for the Financial Offer, then placed into one outer envelope.
  • This outer envelope shall be properly addressed and bear the name of the assignment, the bidder’s name and the address.
  • Tenders submitted by any other means will not be considered.
  • Tenders received after the deadline will be automatically excluded from further evaluation.
  • Submission address:

Procurement Department - Royal Scientific Society
Ahmad Al Tarawneh St, Al Jubaiha, Amman

International Bidders: Technical and financial offers shall be submitted via email to

Download the Terms of Reference with the full information and instructions on how to apply


For further information please contact: