Lebanon COMMON project partners team up together for turtle protection


On the 17th of September 2022, a workshop on marine turtles was held in Lebanon with the participation of the Head of TCNR, Mr Hassan Dbouk, the president of Amwaj Mr Malek Ghandour, and a representative of the Ministry of Environment, Ms Lara Samaha.
the workshop was organized by the COMMON project (COastal Management and Monitoring Network for tackling marine litter in Mediterranean sea) partners TCNR in coordination with Amwaj.

After welcoming the participants, Mr Dbouk promoted the numerous activities against marine litter that have been carried out across the framework of the COMMON project, which is implemented in Lebanon through TCNR and Amwaj.
Dr Ali Badreddine, manager of TCNR, presented the risk of plastics on the environment and the health of marine turtles. The data were collected during three years on marine turtles and marine life and during the COMMON project training. 
Mr Malek Ghandour, representing Amwaj, highlighted the importance of municipal participation in rescuing and protecting marine turtles, considering the impact of climate change on nesting.
A brainstorming between participants confirmed the need for cooperation with fishermen, divers and municipalities to combat plastic pollution and therefore agreed to coordinate and unify efforts and partnerships on both local and Mediterranean levels for marine turtle conservation.
After the workshop, a meeting was held with the presence of the municipality to discuss the common activities, and they agreed on organizing the next step.
The Common project s contribution to the protection of marine turtles includes the MedTurtleRescue network, an informal platform to improve coordination and sharing in the safety and rehabilitation of sea turtles in the Mediterranean.