Lebanon: GIMED launches a call for consultants for the development of an Intellectual Property Rights report


With the objective of growing the innovation capabilities in the green sector in Lebanon, our regional partner Berytech aims to launch a consultancy mission to create a “Green IPR Guidebook” to empower the local ecosystem and public bodies to raise the profile of innovation in the green entrepreneurship sector and support innovators in building green IP innovations. The green Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) handbook should focus on the environment and circular economy related innovations and should:

  • Better guide local stakeholders and eco-innovative ventures on how to develop, commercialize and protect their IPR
  • Improve green and circular market opportunities to support eco-innovative ventures
  • Raise quality standards and opportunities by applying suggested frameworks to support and trade with future eco-entrepreneurs

The consultant shall develop a practical guidebook that will guide innovators and stakeholders in the green sector on how to develop, protect and commercialize Green IP innovations in Lebanon. The green IPR handbook will enable relevant public institution and stakeholders (academia, entrepreneurship partners, support organizations…) to better support eco-innovative entrepreneurs in their region.

How to apply?

Candidates should submit the following documents:

  • Technical (maximum 5 pages)
  • Financial offer
  • Profile and project references (maximum 2 pages
  • Bank form filled in, signed and stamped by the bank.

Applicants might check the eligibility criteria, means of work and eligible costs in the TOR. Offers must be sent by email to Krystel Khalil, Director of programs, to krystel.khalil@berytech.org and Alexandre Bassim, Procurement officer, to Procurement@berytech.org with the subject “GIMED IPR report Lebanon, by August 15, 2021, at the latest.