Let's follow up the initiatives of Luca Deiana, a new entrepreneur born within BESTMEDGRAPE


In Sardinia (Italy), thanks to an initiative organized by the University Service Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship of the University of Cagliari  (CREA) in June 2022 focused on the theme of Agrifood, the meeting between two young realities, Vitigna and Terra Promessa, was possible.

Vitigna is a project by Luca Deiana that arises from the BESTMEDGRAPRE technology transfer program and which aims to create an innovative superfood from pomace, while Terra Promessa is a farm managed by Debora Castangia that produces chestnuts, hazelnuts and walnuts, near Tonara (NU, centre Sardinia).

Although they are different by sector of activity, the two young entrepreneurial ideas share a passion for their work and also the determination to enhance their territory.

Let's give the floor to the two protagonists:

Debora: “As in the wine sector,  also in my sector there are waste products, in particular small chestnuts due to drought, which are not purchased by consumers and consequently are not even harvested; this leads to a loss of product and income. These chestnuts, like the pomace, have anti-inflammatory properties, help solve gastrointestinal problems and are gluten-free. This is a lost profit for the entrepreneurs in my industry but at the same time it is a waste of untapped resources!”

Luca: “After exchanging some ideas, we started some experiments by combining our skills and experiences.Thanks to the knowledge acquired after a year and a half of work with Vitigna, we have created a new experimental flour composed of pomace and chestnuts, which is currently being used to create food capsules and bakery products. In particular, thanks to the collaboration with the Panificio Sois of Dolianova (south Sardinia) we have created nutraceutical biscuits with a completely unique and exceptional flavor, a prevalent flavor of chestnut but at the same time with a fruity aroma, which respect the typical Sardinian recipe but adding a pinch of innovation. This is certainly thanks to the quality of our products: as far as my product is concerned, it is the content of polyphenols (antioxidants) above the standards, while in Debora's case it is the goodness and sweetness of her chestnuts. In any case, most of the credit goes to the Panificio Sois for the result obtained”.

This partnership has the goal of bringing industry to an area increasingly subject to depopulation and exploiting their skills, also derived from the BESTMEDGRAPE project, to achieve this.