Let's meet the winners of the BESTMEDGRAPE grants: Luca Deiana and his project Vitigna, a superfood obtained from grape pomaces


From the technology transfer and business creation paths carried out in the BESTMEDGRAPE project and above all thanks to the creativity and expertise of Luca Deiana, italian potential entrepreneur involved in the project, a winning idea was born: Vitigna.

It is a superfood, an elaborate "flour", made using various types of grapes, red for some elements nutritional and white for others: a unique, natural product and effective in preventing gastrointestinal problems.

The idea comes from Luca who, thanks to his passion for cooking, chemistry and enology, sensed the potential of this product in the food sector. Vitigna was born in Sardinia and brings a new green model which enhances the Italian and European wine supply chain.

It aims at spreading a sustainable, based business on social responsibility, capable of having a significant impact on climate change and enhancing natural resources.

We asked Luca what encouraged him to participate in BESTMEDGRAPE project: "First of all my passion for wine, the second the possibility of creating something of my own that could also expand outside Sardinia" he answered.

This year Luca won a prize, the Ryla Awards 2022. He told to our website about this experience: “In May 2022, when I was still alone carrying out my project, I participated in the Ryla 2022 event organized by the Virgilio 2080 Association and held near Rome. Thanks also to the support of my tutor Prof. Stefano Zedda, professor of the Faculty of Economics of the University of Cagliari, I won the first prize for the most sustainable idea linked to the themes of the circular economy. On that occasion I showed and tested the first baked products, typical Sardinian biscuits, which contained the superfood Vitigna. The event was a victory, due to my skills but also to the support provided by the University of Cagliari, the Tenute Maestrale Winery and the Sois Bakery in Dolianova (Cagliari). To these two enterprises I dedicate my victory, who, despite having little period believed and helped me to carry on my project, that will soon become a beautiful entrepreneurial reality ".

Now Luca shares his dream with some collegues: Federico Manca, Massimo Angius e Bruno Spiga.

Good luck for your initiative, we can't wait to taste your superfood Vitigna!

Let's try to get to know Luca better thanks to his words:
"In addition to saying what has now become a standard, that is, thinking outside the box, going beyond the very concept of innovation and never giving up, I would like to advise that young people like me and those who will come after must be the first to believe in their ideas in order to make what is an idea in a real project.
In addition to this general advice, I would like to suggest:
-Discipline: as Heraclitus said, every day what you choose, do and think is what you become
-If things do not go as they should, it is because you do not do it with the right methods / tools and you do not communicate it in the most appropriate way;
-You must be the first to realize your dream and not expect others to do the work for you;
-Be protagonists and not spectators of the reality in which you live and do not be afraid to say what you think.
-Do not limit yourself to your skills, be curious and learn more and more, to be better and to be freer.
-Do not realize your dreams for money or mere glory, but do it because selfishly you are passionate."