Living Lab Facilitator Position Available at University of Cagliari in Italy for the TECHLOG Living Lab


The University of Cagliari (Italy) has a new job opening for a Facilitator for its Living Lab (LL). The professional figure will work to improve the technological transfer promoted by the Living Labs of the TECHLOG research project - "TECHNOLOGICAL TRANSFER FOR LOGISTICS INNOVATION IN MEDITERRANEAN AREA". The facilitator will support the UNICA-CIREM project team in the planned development activities of the project. 

Short description of the profile - LIVING LAB Facilitator for the Lead Beneficiary will have to carry out the following activities: 

  • detect and involve territorial stakeholders (in Sardinia), such MSMEs operating in port logistics and transports, as well as public administrations and Institution, researchers and experts, associations, and representatives of civil society; 
  • perform local round tables to implement a first investigation of Sardinian stakeholders; needs, in terms of innovations to be developed to solve issues related safety of port logistics and transports; 
  • perform the LL methodology, stimulating stakeholders' networking in order to match needs of innovation seekers and users with competences and potential solutions of innovation developers; 
  • commit towards Living Lab activities, the innovators, experts, etc... with proper competencies to develop new solutions for the detected needs; 
  • favor exchange and networking among territorial Sardinian stakeholders; 
  • choose territorial stakeholders to involve in the related LL activities and events; 
  • promote participation of relevant stakeholders to LLs activities and in project events; 
  • interact with the LL Coordinator, CBMOL top governance and the project Steering Committee, and to draft reports to them; 
  • operate on the “TECHLOG Project Living Lab” web platform and animate its contents; 
  • implement the activities provided for in the operational plan, even those not explicitly mentioned in the previous points; 

In carrying out his/her activities, he/she must coordinate and communicate constantly with the Coordinator of the LL. The activity will also involve the production of three documentary outputs: 

  • work plan (to be delivered within 30 days of the start of the assignment); 
  • intermediate report of the activity (to be delivered 5 months after the start of the assignment); 
  • final report of the activity (to be delivered at the end of the assignment). 


Details for application are available here (the content is available in both Italian and English languages) 

The deadline for the applications is 21st of January 2023.