MAIA-TAQA highlights best practices that implement the principles of resource efficiency technologies in WEF-CAP and CARISMED projects


The Greek Centre for Renewable energy Sources and Saving - CRES, lead beneficiary of MAIA-TAQA project is participating as a partner in two new ENI CBC Med capitalization projects, namely WEF-CAP and CARISMED

WEF-CAP project will lead the creation of a multi stakeholder meta cluster that will foster innovation and enabling policies in the Mediterranean basin. Successful and demonstrated technologies in Water/Energy/Food-NEXUS will be captured, analyzed, benchmarked and catalogued, bringing them to the market with commercialization support and the supportive networking through the meta cluster, allowing broader deployment for more people to benefit from such innovations.

CARIMSED project, on the other hand, has the ambition to develop policies for improving sustainability and integrating innovation into the urban settings of Mediterranean cities, through the capitalization of circular economy and creative approaches.

CRES will distill the MAIA-TAQA experience into the new projects by:

  • Creating awareness of innovative resource efficiency technologies piloted during MAIA-TAQA and their feasibility and market potential.  
  • Informing policy makers on how national regulation and technical standards can support the deployment of new resource efficiency technologies. 
  • Animating MAIA-TAQA network of stakeholders for creating awareness about the projects' activities