MED GAIMS explains how to prioritize gamification of potential historical sites: application in Italy


The Gamification Development Framework (GDF) sets the country’s strategy for the future application of gamification in tourism sites. The GDF identifies all potential tourism sites eligible for gamification application. It also highlights the sites’ characteristics along several criteria such as physical characteristics of the site, type of visitors, visitor’s nationality, site accessibility, environmental regulations, tourism seasons, and opportunities to tie with local businesses. Such information would be of high importance to stakeholders who are interested in exploring the opportunities of the gamification experiences track. using the GDF, such entrepreneurs would be able to make several decisions such as the site with the best story to tell, or the site with the best market share, or suitability for an innovative technology, and so on.

The GDF does not set boundaries regarding themes or technology or any other limitations that would incapacitate the investors. On the contrary, it encourages innovative thinking by facilitating access to all types of resources. You can find Italy’s GDF on the following link: