MED GAIMS-Spain are professionally filming their games series “The Agency of Secrets”


In the middle of January 2022, the old town of Vilanova y la Gertrú became the scene setting for filming a video series about “The Agency of Secrets” games. The gamified experience that was developed in the form of 10 games under the agency umbrella will be displayed in a set of 4 videos. The stage for all the games is the old town of Vilanova. 

The Agency of Secrets is a shared narrative across the 10 games, a stealthy organization of the XIXth century that protects secrets and tries to discover more secrets of the city. This storytelling offers new routes, enigmas, and 10 games that will allow all the players to test their investigative skills and learn the secrets of Vilanova i la Geltrú.

In collaboration with Neapolis and i2CAT Foundations, Omen Cinema is directing the filming, the actors, and all the setup that will be built around the games to provide the perfect multimedia showcase for the games. During three intensive working days, Neapolis, i2CAT and Omen Cinema will articulate a story about the games, the town of Vilanova y la Gertrú, and the way MED GAIMS project will improve tourism in the area. The games will be introduced, the town will be the perfect stage for the experience and the companies and people involved will provide extensive interviews presenting their work.