Meet the MED-InA team: episode #1


Let's meet the people who are involved in the MED-InA project, the people who work daily for designing our Mediterranean cities zero waste models, the people who embody the MEDiterranean INtegrated Alliance on waste for cities and citizens!

The MED-InA project has seven partners from five countries: here starts our series of interviews for introducing each partner and its role in the project.

First interviewee: Eng. Reham Jammal on the behalf of the Greater Irbid Municipality in Jordan. She is the Director of the Planning Department and Director of the International Projects and Programs Unit.

What will be your role in the project?
The Greater Irbid Municipality was chosen as pilot municipality for testing zero waste practices, strategies and methodologies developed through MED-InA project.

What are the main challenges faced by the Greater Irbid Municipality?
The collection and transportation costs are very high while the municipality has limited resources. With a high demographic pressure, it is a real burden for our city. There is a general lack of environmental awareness too.

What added value the MED-InA project will bring to the waste management sector?
This project will complete the municipal solid waste management plan as the municipality is currently sorting from the source within the commercial sector, schools and institutions only. It will also promote and implement the idea of zero waste.

MED-InA aims at transforming municipal waste management practices from “always treating more waste” to “less waste treatment by waste prevention”

See you next Wednesday to meet another MED-InA partner!