MED-QUAD in Greece utilizes modern equipment and an internet platform to analyze water quality.


After the first receipt of modern specialized equipment for water analysis and training the required staff that took place during the summer 2022, the International Hellenic University (IHU), Greek partner of MED-QUAD received an additional great tool. The equipment will contribute to the use and scientific results of the Smart Water Use Applications (SWUAP) one of the two Living Labs of MED-QUAD project.

IHU, in collaboration with the Municipal Water Supply and Sewerage Company of Kilkis -DEYAK (the associated partner from Greece, where the SWUAP living lab is based), will install a free chlorine measurement and control system in 3 reservoirs in the Kilkis area. Through the system, the monitoring of water chlorine levels will be carried out in real-time, with the possibility of determining and transmitting the relevant measurements through a particular online platform. The procedure will provide accurate data on drinking water quality, allowing for possible interventions (if required) to safeguard water quality levels. After the staff training has taken place, the scientific and research staff of IHU, in collaboration with the staff of DEYAK will proceed with specialized research and studies with a positive impact on the improvement of water quality, consumption and saving of the precious commodity.

The innovative and specialized services for water management and quality that the SWUAP living lab will offer will benefit the local community of Kilkis and will put into practice the fundamental objectives of the MED-QUAD project. That means enriching the cooperation between academic institutions, businesses, local government and society within the framework of implementing the quadruple helix model for the digital economy. The results that will be achieved by the innovative services of the "living laboratory" will benefit not only at the local and national level but also at the transnational level. The living lab in Kilkis works closely with similar living labs in Italy, Egypt, Jordan, Tunisia and Palestine, where corresponding and/or complementary research will be carried out on drinking water and water for irrigation. This cooperation will generate actual results in water management and the field of innovation. The partners intend to transfer the experience and know-how that will be acquired through the implementation of the project in the field of vocational education and lifelong learning, focusing on the areas of water resources and cultural heritage as well as on particular population groups (e.g. young people, unemployed people, etc.).To this ultimate goal of the six university institutions from Mediterranean countries involved, the experience of the Lifelong Learning Center Epimorfotiki Kilkis sm LLC, the coordinator of the MED-QUAD project, will be very useful.