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MED-QUAD in Jordan organises an international seminar on Civic University


Al- Balqa' Applied University, the Jordanian partner from the MEDiterranean QUadruple helix Approach to Digitalisation (MED-QUAD) project, consolidates the role of the civic university by directing the applied scientific research to community development. The seminar will take place on the 23rd and 24th of May at Al-Huson University College-Irbid, Jordan (09:00 am to 18:00 pm GMT+3). The thematic seminar titled   "Consolidating the role of the civic university by directing applied scientific research to community development", under the patronage of the Honorable Professor Dr. Ahmad Al Ajlouny, President of Al-Balqa Applied University.

Thanks to the European Union funding under the ENI CBC Mediterranean program, the MED-QUAD project will implement the seminar which focuses on the role of universities in the quality of the citizens' life. The seminar emphasizes each university's scientific knowledge and experience to enhance cooperation and develop the operation of Civic Universities among the key players of the Quadruple Helix Approach (i.e. universities, businesses, local government, society) on which the MED-QUAD project is based.

Al- Balqa' Applied University is honoured to invite attendees from academia, industry, intellectuals, government officials, developers, students and citizens from the Mediterranean to participate in the international seminar.

The researchers will provide preliminary research reading about Smart Water Use Applications – SWUAP and Applied Research for Cultural Heritage Exploitation-ARCHEO living labs established in Jordan and the other partners’ countries. The researchers will explain addressing societal issues through applied scientific research. The study's outcomes with the use of innovative tools will impact the development of the civic university and provide reasonable solutions to the problems facing the various industrial sectors.

The MED-QUAD will produce joint research work to achieve the project's general objective, which is to apply and evolve the SWUAP and ARCHEO living labs. The professors from the partner universities participating in the MED-QUAD project will discuss their experiences and the prospect of cooperation in scientific research. Among the seminar activities, the participants will visit the sites related to the function of SWUAP and ARCHEO living labs.

The seminar will be attended by repsestatives of the project partners with a physical and online presence. The seminar will also be livestreamed on Facebok.

Those who are interested in participating the international seminar on civic university should registered here and download the information package of the seminar!

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