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MED-QUAD organises a cross-border meeting in Greece on sustainable future for the Mediterranean

The MED-QUAD project parnters are pleased to announce that International Hellenic University, the Greek partner of MEDiterranean QUadruple helix Approach to Digitalisation project, with Lead Beneficiary Epimorfotiki Kilkis, is inviting business executives, government representatives, academic staff of universities, municipal authorities, students, and citizens to a Cross-border Meeting.

The event, titled "Forging a Sustainable Future for the Mediterranean: The MED-QUAD

Project's Emphasis on the Contributions of Civic Universities towards Culture and Water

Conservation," will take place on Thursday, May 25th and Friday, May 26th, 2023, from

09:00am to 13:00pm. Located at the International Hellenic University, 3 km Kilkis-Metallikou, P.O.: 61100, Kilkis, Greece, the meeting will provide a valuable opportunity for attendees to network, share knowledge, and explore potential partnerships with a diverse group of stakeholders.


The focus of the meeting will be on the contributions of civic universities towards culture and

water conservation, with an emphasis on forging a sustainable future for the Mediterranean.

We invite all those interested in these topics to attend and engage in meaningful

discussions that will contribute to the progress of the MED-QUAD project.


Representatives of the partners will have the opportunity to attend in person the international seminar that will take place in Kilkis (Greece); however, the public from Greece and abroad can also participate online via YouTube. (For the 1st day please click HERE and for 2nd day please click HERE)



The MED-QUAD project’ partners encourage all those interested in digitalisation and the quadruple helix approach to attend this event and engage with others who share similar interests.


Those who are interested should register and download the information package of the Cross Border meeting here!


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