Med4Waste discussed about waste management in the Mediterranean region with similar projects


The Environment and Sustainable Development Unit at the American University of Beirut, Lebanese partner of MED4WASTE took part in the meeting of SIRCLES project organized by the Rene Moawad Foundation (RMF) in Lebanon. SIRCLES is another project funded under the ENI CBC Med Program whose objective is to explore new employment and social inclusion opportunities for women and youth through a circular approach applied in the bio-waste sector of Mediterranean countries.

The roundtable began with keynotes from the ENI CBC Med programme, Rene Moawad Foundation and local representatives, followed by a presentation of SIRCLES and three of its sister projects, including the Med4Waste, highlighting the importance of building on previous projects in the waste sector. Then, the importance of increasing composting initiatives in the Mediterranean region was discussed along with the role of public authorities in achieving the sustainability of local Biowaste Management and Circular Economy Strategies. Following that, a presentation about upcoming funding opportunities that could ensure the sustainability of such projects was given. The session ended by having the attendees brainstorm new project ideas tackling social inclusion and employment opportunities in the bio-waste management sector.

The roundtable was followed by a visit to the composting pilot plant in Jbeil. There, RMF inaugurated the plant in partnership with the union of municipalities of Jbeil. The facility will serve to compost 600 tons of bio-waste and create 27 job opportunities while raising awareness at the level of the area’s residents.