Med4Waste in Jordan is looking for a waste management expert



About EDAMA:

EDAMA in Arabic means “sustainability”. EDAMA association is a Jordanian NGO established in 2009. As a Business Association, we are here to cultivate an environment where innovative solutions for energy and water independence and environmental conservation emerge.
Advancing Jordan’s movement towards a green economy is an ambitious and priority goal. To be achieved, we need robust knowledge hubs, multi-stakeholder dialogue avenues, and private sector mobilization. EDAMA’s niche is in providing a platform agile and inclusive enough to involve a large number of public, private, and NGO sector representatives. These key players together discuss and shape the future development of the Energy, Water, and Environment (EWE) sectors in Jordan.

, one of the Med4Waste partners, announce the call for application for Waste Management expert:


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Important information:

Deadline to apply: 25-6- 2023 via email: (

If you have any inquiries, don’t hesitate to email Edama at: