Med4Waste in Lebanon is looking for a game developer expert



The Environment & Sustainable Development Unit (ESDU) at the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences (FAFS) of the American University of Beirut is an inter-disciplinary research and development center specialized in rural community development, local food systems and sustainable agriculture. For more than 20 years, ESDU has been promoting through large community development projects sustainable rural livelihoods all over Lebanon. The Unit focuses on participatory development and capacity building through knowledge management and sharing, appropriate technologies, and impact analysis with particular attention to smallholder farmers, women and youth in the rural areas.

ESDU is currently working on the Med4Waste project. It is a project under ENI CBC MED programme aiming to facilitate new governance models for integrated and efficient urban waste management policies across the Mediterranean, with particular emphasis on organic waste & circular economy through adapting waste management plans, policies and other management actions and regulatory drivers in the selected territories.

The target audience for the Med4Waste awareness raising activities is varied, and covers mainly the countries of Spain, Greece, Italy, Tunisia, Jordan, and Lebanon, along with the other UfM (Union for the Mediterranean) countries. While considering that a collaborative effort towards waste management can send a clear message to community members on the importance of preserving the environment, sensitization meetings will be conducted to educate them on the consequences of waste. Communities will, therefore, be encouraged to act towards a zero-waste environment.

To achieve that, external communication will focus on raising awareness about the benefits and value of the Med4Waste project and capitalized projects with the aim of engaging relevant target groups and developing stakeholders' networks. All project communication activities are based on the exploitation of modern and effective tools and channels aligned with ENI CBC MED requirements. These activities contribute to the multiplying effect of the project’s outputs. Through the awareness raising campaigns, the Med4Waste project aims at maximizing reach, engagement, and impact with the target audiences, while remaining aligned with the other project’s work functions and components.

2Scope of Work

2.1. Role and Responsibilities

  • Proficient in different programming languages and web development
  • Proven experience working in game development
  • Experience in Games & Graphics programming

3Qualifications & Requirements 

  • Bachelor Degree in computer sciences, software engineering or any related field
  • Knowledge of gaming platforms
  • Up-to-date with the latest gaming trends, techniques, best practices and technologies
  • Ability to solve problems creatively and effectively      

Preferred experience

  • Proficient in different programming languages and web development
  • Proven experience working in game development
  • Experience in Games & Graphics programming


 you can find the ToR  Here

 How to apply

Please send your CV to and include the name of the position in the title or in the body of the email. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.