Med4Waste is looking for consultants to develop municipal waste management plans


Med4Waste partner in Spain, MedCities, is in charge of launching and managing the Med4Waste Mentoring Scheme, which will last from January until June 2023 and will target ENI CBCMed Mediterranean Partner Countries. Through this mentoring scheme, Med4Waste will provide guidance and technical support to six sub-national authorities in charge of planning and managing waste in the Mediterranean in order to (i) improve or develop their integrated municipal waste management (IMWM) plan; (ii) exchange first-hand knowledge with a city that has implemented a method/tool/activity to enhance their waste management system (Twinning and exchange program); (iii) implement a tailor-made supporting action aligned with their IMWM plan.

Med4Waste is hiring 6 service providers who will help in the development of municipal waste management plans for cities in Jordan, Lebanon, and Tunisia.

Following you can find the Terms of Reference for each city to apply separately:

For Jordan:

- Byrain City

- Madaba City


For Lebanon:

- Deir Qanon City

- Akkar Al Attika


For Tunisia:

- Mahdia City

- M'Saken City

If additional information is required to present the offer, we invite you to contact MedCities by writing to the email address Only written questions about clarifications of the presentation of offers will be answered.

The deadline to apply is March 5th, 2023.