Med4Waste partners met first time in person and develop a new business platform and capitalisation board


For the first time since the Med4Waste project launch was celebrated in October 2021, partners from across the Mediterranean countries have joined the first in-person technical committee meeting that was held on June 29th and 30th at Beta Technical Center in the University of Vic. The meeting included different kinds of activities, many discussions, field visits, and program activities. During the discussion, the partners shared the dissemination outcomes of the recent stakeholder engagement survey. Many upcoming events were also on the table, including the launch of a business platform, a project’s capitalisation board and a policy toolkit. In addition, the project waste management Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) is finished and is in the publishing phase. Partners have also outlined the capacity-building program activity, which includes guidance, twinning, and mentoring schemes.

"Med4Waste partners attending a presentation during the first in person project meeting in spain"
Med4Waste partners attending a presentation during the first in-person technical committee meeting in Barcelona

The partners had a day full of field visits. The meeting hosts and project partners, Beta Tech Centre, invited the attending partners to a tour of their labs where they presented innovative work in the waste management field. After that, they visited the Municipal Waste Treatment Centre of Osona, to exchange knowledge and experiences about the process of waste management in the plant and the use of advanced technology.

The meeting was an opportunity to see one of the capitalised project pilot field sites, DECOST, which aims to develop a new framework of waste management, building a closed-loop system of organic waste valorisation, integrating decentralised homes and community composting systems with urban agriculture. During the visit, many questions were asked about community engagement and the approach the program took to change the existing waste systems in the community.

The six partner organisations who attended the meeting are: the American University of Beirut from Lebanon; MedCities, from Spain; MIO-ESCDE, from Greece; BusinessMed, from Tunisia; EDAMA Association, from Jordan; COSPE, from Italy; and the meeting hosts Beta Tech Centre from Spain.

Med4Waste partners briefed about waste management in the Municipal Waste Treatment Centre of Osona, Barcelona


Med4Waste partners during the field visit to DECOST's pilot plant sites in Vic, Barcelona


A researcher from Beta Technical Center is explaining to Med4Waste partners one of the centre's labs studies, Barcelona