MedRiSSE launches eight thematic pills - digital microcampaigns to foster replicability and scalability in social innovation


MedRiSSE launches its thematic digital microcampaigns to raise awareness of how the project's tools help to improve people's lives, and to showcase successful and efficient experiences on social innovation, developed in the five capitalised projects, for their replicability and scalability.

The digital microcampaigns are a further line of dissemination and are part of the overall communication strategy of the MedRiSSE project "Replicable Innovations of SSE in the provision of services and creation of decent jobs in the post covid-19 crisis recovery", co-financed by the ENI CBC Med Programme and Asamblea de Cooperación por la Paz (ACPP).

They have been designed as units with specific, cross-cutting, quick and dynamic themes, focused on digital environments that connect people with the project through the different existing communication channels.

The eight thematic areas show the improvements that the project’s tools can bring to Mediterranean people. For this purpose, they are focused on the cross-cutting SDG themes related to MedRiSSE and the five capitalised projects (MedTOWN, MoreThanAJob, MedUP!, Citess and RUWOMED).

The 8 thematic pills - digital microcampaigns are:

1. Knowledge transfer

2. Women empowerment

3. Decent work & SSE

4. Responsible consumption & production

5. Social inclusion & poverty reduction

6. Support & access to financing

7. Ethical technology

8. Policy advocacy & incidence

Each microcampaign is composed of three pills that highlight a specific aspect within the thematic and inform about the specific resources available to learn with the tools, learn about the best practices of the capitalised projects and rely on the resources of the project to be able to replicate and scale them in other parts of the Mediterranean.

The dissemination will be carried out through the MedRiSSE project YouTube channel and social networks. They will also be available in the project's Library on the ENI CBC Med website. They will be broadcast between March and November 2023.

MedRiSSE thus fulfils the objective of bringing the best practices of the capitalised projects to stakeholders and citizens of the Mediterranean and giving them the tools to create their own social innovation and SSE initiatives that help to improve people's lives in the Mediterranean countries.


More information on MedRiSSE Community of Practice and Mediterranean Social innovation Lab.

To watch MedRiSSE microcampaigns, here