MedRiSSE will build up on MoreThanAJob´s experience in tackling unemployment of vulnerable groups in the Mediterranean


MoreThanAJob and MedRiSSE have a great and common goal: to create a green future for vulnerable groups in the Mediterranean region.

Let's find out more about MedRiSSE and this new project!

The" Replicable Innovations of SSE in the Provision of Services and Creation of Decent Jobs in the Post Covid-19 Crisis Recovery”- (MedRiSSE) is a new capitalization project funded by the European Union through the ENI CBC MED Programme.

Its mission?

MedRiSSE will develop a Mediterranean scalability pathway for social innovations that enable the co-production of municipal services with local agents of the Social and Solidarity Economy(SSE) that have merged from interactions between the government and the SSE involved in several ENI-funded projects.

These innovations represent successful and efficient practices for the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) in general, and for the protection of the most vulnerable groups in post-Covid19 economies in the Mediterranean.

It includes 7 partner entities and 7 associated entities from 5 countries (Spain, Italy, Palestine, Jordan and Tunisia). Also, it is established and built on the knowledge and experience gained through developing and running five cooperation projects funded by the European Neighborhood Instrument through the programmes of ENI CBC Med 2014-2020 (MedTOWN), (MorehanAJob), ENPI MED 2007-2013 (RUWOMED), EuropeAid(MedUP) and IESS (CitESS, LINGARE).

What will the MoreThanAJob and MedRiSSE cooperation produce?

The kick off meeting and launch conference of the MedRiSSE project held on 9-10 November 2021 in Barcelona was the direct result of the synergy and cooperation between MoreThanAJob and MedRiSSE projects. MoreThanAJob project, represented by Dr. Imad Ibrik, participated in the kick off meeting. During the meeting, Dr. Ibrik was able to present some of the main experiences and results of MoreThanAJob for the new capitalization project "MedRiSSE". He gave a more detailed outline of the project activities already carried out or planned. An extremely profitable discussion pursued on incorporating international best practices as main output from MoreThanAJob for assisting the SSE working in the field of unemployment and facilitating their interaction with the public administration as social innovations to be assessed in terms of scalability and replication.

MoreThanAJob focuses in the coproduction of services with vulnerable groups including unemployed, uneducated and refugees.

MoreThanAJob will contribute to the design of MedRiSSE multilingual interactive space (portal) to the online presence of the Mediterranean Lab for Co-production, as envisaged in MedRiSSE.

MedRiSSE will use the below outputs from MoreThanAJob:

•         Using prepared framework of new social pilot schemes, based on international best practices, for assisting the Social & Solidarity Economy actors working in the field of unemployment and facilitating their interaction with the public administration.

•         How to enhance access to the employment and education system for the uneducated and for the refugees, that do not possess formal proofs of qualifications and skills.

•          Using well prepared a virtual multilingual interactive space (portal) to enrich the interaction between the Social and Solidarity Economy and the Public administration. The portal will facilitate exchanges and cooperation beyond the face-to-face interactions during the project duration and beyond.


Capitalizing is the way to ensure the efforts made in the framework of projects have an impact in the territories!

Stay tuned for more info on "Replicable Innovations of SSE in the provision of services and creation of decent jobs in the post covid-19 crisis recovery" in the coming month!


For more information on the project and its activities, visit the MoreThanAJob webpage on the ENI CBC Med website and follow us on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn