MedSNAIL in Jordan contributed to INTERNISA´s event on women and labour market

NAMAA edition

Women for Cultural Development “Namaa” (Jordan) was invited to present MedSNAIL project at a workshop for representatives of vocational education and training institutions. This workshop, which took place on 30th and 31st August 2023, was organised by Al-Balqa Applied University, Jordanian partner within the framework of the ENI CBC Med INTERNISA sister project.

This workshop focused on a wide range of topics related to women's empowerment such as:

  • Empowering women towards fair participation in the labor market by raising digital skills.
  • Empowering small projects through digital transformation and harmony with the various operational sectors.
  • The role of the public sector and its contribution to bridging the gender gap and promoting opportunities to participate in the labor market based on gender.
  • Developing partnership and coordination between the various parties, and proposing mechanisms and means to increase the number of women who possess the digital skills required by the labor market.
  • The most important needs of vocational training and education institutions from all sectors.
  • The importance of developing the vocational education and training system.
  • The importance of vocational education and training in the career development of male and female trainees.

Throughout the two-day workshop, Namaa had the chance to present the project in front of a whole range of new audience consisting of representatives of the public sector and leading organizations, representatives of vocational education and training institutions from all sectors. This contributed to raise awareness on MedSNAIL among new potential stakeholders, specialists and decision-makers.

One of the main added values that Namaa, as a women's association for cultural development, brings to the MedSNAIL project is precisely its gender approach to the local activities implemented in the framework of the project. This approach is fully shared with the philosophy of the INTERNISA project.