MedSNAIL partners develop a joint strategy to support local stakeholders in defining a territorial and collective agri-food vision

RWDS edition


The MedSNAIL project has developed a crucial tool that aims to support local entities and actors in defining a territorial and collective agri-food vision based on short food chains: its joint strategy.

MedSNAIL Strategic Framework is an operational document that supports local leaders and producers of the selected Mediterranean regions in which MedSNAIL is being developed for the identification of challenges, risks and strengths in the various stages of the agri-food chain (resources, production, processing, distribution, consumption and return of resources to local ecosystems).

The visualization of common challenges and joint lines of action will be decisive in promoting the articulation of the different actors in the food chain, creating a sense of co-responsibility and a shared agenda in each of the territories through the project.

It can be used by farmers, local institutions, associations, groups of SMEs, etc. The MedSNAIL Strategic Framework also offers a revisable, expandable and integrative working tool, which, understood as a living document, will allow the self-management of the lines of action by each of the local driving groups, thus guaranteeing the continuity of the effects of MedSNAIL once the project is completed.

The full strategy is available by clicking on this link.