MedSNAIL promotes the value of local consumption through its Chefs' Alliance and Narrative Labels

FAMP edition

After months of intensive work with the food ecosystems of the six MedSNAIL pilot areas in Jordan, Lebanon, Malta, Palestine, Spain and Tunisia, the project has launched two of its main pilot initiatives, inspired by the methodology of MedSNAIL's Italian partner, the Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity, an international grassroots organisation that promotes traditional food with a strong focus on the preservation of biodiversity and respect for local land and culture.

MedSNAIL Narrative Labels

On the one hand, the Narrative Labels initiative works to strengthen the productive network MedSNAIL pilot areas making visible the attributes of local products through a distinctive labelling system that values their origin, production process and elaboration.

This action aims to raise awareness among local citizens of the added value of these local products beyond their industrial labelling, highlighting the way in which they have been produced and processed. In addition, this initiative brings these local products closer to consumer profiles that are aware of responsible and local consumption, as well as introducing them into new sales channels.

Producers who have participated in this initiative are committed to the preservation of the local identity and its ecosystems.

The products selected for narrative labeling respond to traditional harvesting and processing methods, are closely linked to the pilot area where MedSNAIL has been developed or have been directly proposed by the producers most involved in the project activities.

MedSNAIL Narrative Labels - FAMP (Spain)

MedSNAIL Narrative Labels - AUB (Lebanon)

MedSNAIL Narrative Labels - RWDS (Palestine)

MedSNAIL Narrative Labels - U. Sfax (Tunisia)

MedSNAIL Narrative Labels - GRDF (Malta)

MedSNAIL Narrative Labels - Namaa (Jordan)

MedSNAIL Chefs’ Alliance

On the other hand, the MedSNAIL Chefs' Alliance initiative works to consolidate direct relationships and linkages among professionals in the gastronomic sector. At the same time, it seeks to foster and strengthen the collaboration between chefs and producers.

This directory compiles an entire catalog of Mediterranean restaurants committed to local products grown and processed taking into account the value of tradition, respect for local biodiversity and artisan work.

This MedSNAIL initiative also seeks to highlight the work of the gastronomic sector and the crucial role played by restaurants in promoting responsible consumption, as well as in the recovery and dissemination of recipes and dishes linked to the territories.