MedSNAIL in Spain organises a farmers' market in Andalusia to raise awareness on local consumption

FAMP edition

The Andalusian Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FAMP), in the framework of MedSNAIL, has participated in the sixteenth edition of the Laujar de Andarax Wine Fair, organised by its City Council on 29th and 30th April 2023.

The project's participation materialised in a stand dedicated to typical products from the Andarax Valley. This stand has made it possible to highlight the value of the region's agri-food system and to promote proximity between citizens and local producers and farmers.


A total of eleven professionals from the agri-food sector working in the Andarax Valley participated in this initiative with products such as oil, wine, honey, sweets, vegetables and fruit. These products have also had a narrative labelling with information about their variety, origin, cultivation and processing, which has allowed them to promote their high ecological value.


In addition to the promotional stand of products from the Valley, on Sunday 30th April FAMP organised a talk on the value of local food in the plenary hall of the Town Hall of Laujar de Andarax. This talk focused on the importance of creating closer links between the primary sector and citizens and ended with a small tasting of local products.


Click on this link to see the illustrative video of the activity.

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