MedSNAIL study tour in Southern Italy: the future of Mediterranean agro-food

FAMP edition

The Mediterranean region has long been celebrated for its rich culinary traditions and vibrant agro-food sector. It is a place where flavors, cultures, and traditions converge, creating a diverse and unique gastronomic landscape. In this dynamic context, MedSNAIL project worked by fostering the valorisation and development of small-scale traditional agro-food value chains, combining enhancement of market potentialities and socio-environmental sustainability. Project activities were built on the well-established experience, principles and methods of Slow Food, an international grassroots organization promoting traditional food with a strong focus on biodiversity preservation and the strengthening of local leaders to replicate successful grassroots experiences in their respective countries.

MedSNAIL's vision: empowering local leaders for a sustainable future

MedSNAIL's mission is clear: to strengthen the capacity of emerging local leaders within the agro-food sector, fostering the growth of a more sustainable and competitive Mediterranean agri-food system. The latest initiative, the MedSNAIL Study Tour, has been a pivotal moment in this journey, through Slow Food Grassroots Projects.

From 18 to 20 October 2023, the region of Puglia, Italy, played host to the MedSNAIL study tour. This immersive event brought together 30 local leaders and partners from six different countries: Lebanon, Tunisia, Malta, Spain, Palestine, and Jordan.

Learning through direct exchange

The MedSNAIL Study Tour was not a typical conference or seminar. It constituted a direct exchange of knowledge and experiences. Participants had the unique opportunity to engage with producers, fishermen, chefs, and local leaders who have been instrumental in shaping a more sustainable agro-food sector in the region.


Through field visits and interactive sessions, that blends learning, networking, and skill-building, attendees witnessed the principles of Slow Food in action. They explored sustainable farming practices, dove into the world of artisanal food production, and learned from those who have made a tangible impact on their local food systems.



Building a sustainable future

The ultimate goal of the MedSNAIL Study Tour was to equip local leaders with the knowledge, inspiration, and networks needed to drive the values of the Mediterranean Alliance. These values include fairness, sustainability, resilience, and competitiveness within the agro-food sector.

As participants returned to their respective countries, they carried with them the seeds of change, ready to plant them in their own communities. MedSNAIL's Study Tour has been a transformative experience for local leaders in the Mediterranean agro-food sector. By fostering connections and sharing knowledge, this initiative was set to empower individuals who will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the region's culinary heritage and agri-food system.

Stay tuned for updates as these leaders embark on a journey to create a fairer, more sustainable, resilient, and competitive Mediterranean agro-food landscape.