MedSNAIL in Tunisia: Jardkaa, a local unleavened bread

Jardkaa is an unleavened bread. Traditionally, it is prepared with barley flour, salt and water. It has a brown color, characterized by a thickness of a few millimeters (3-4 mm) and a stiff texture. It is usually eaten with fish soup or “mselli ” a kind of dried meat grilled in oil. It has been included in the Slow Food’s Ark of Taste.

The Slow Food’s Ark of Taste is a program launched in 1996 that travels the world collecting small-scale quality productions that belong to the cultures, history and traditions of the entire planet. It was created to point out the existence of these products and draw attention to the risk that they might disappear within a few generations. It currently contains more than 5,000 products from 150 countries.

Thanks to MedSNAIL, the Slow Food’s Ark of Taste is travelling to Jordan, Lebanon, Malta, Palestine, Spain and Tunisia, with the aim of including new products from these countries selected by the project partners.