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MedTOWN delivers the 2nd Training of Trainers (ToT) on co-production of social services with the support of Social Solidarity Economy (SSE) agents

MedTOWN Local Trainers, will finally meet in person, after almost 2 years since the 1st ToT to share experiences and common learning on how to develop co-production initiatives in collaboration with SSE actors for the improvement of the quality of social policies to vulnerable groups. After delivering the training programmes to their local communities, the local trainers from the 6 Mediterranean countries will meet in Seville, Spain to share their experiences and improve their skills in assisting the creation of local multilateral partnerships to tackle social and economic exclusion.

Local trainers will spend 4 days together to talk about their experience in coaching SSE actors to develop co-production initiatives. They will also review the usefulness of the Facilitation Toolkit that was provided for the organisation of the National Workshops  and will evaluate the transformative impact of the training in their local context through the demonstrative actions and the pilot projects.

It is expected that the MedTOWN capacity building programme with the brand name “The Phoenix Journey: Transformative Pathways for Eco-social Co-production” will enhance the collaboration among SSE actors and the public sector by promoting a more inclusive and participatory model in the design and delivery of social services and will serve as inspiration for replication on the development of stronger resilient communities.

If you want to be a change maker and get access to the training, be member of the MedTOWN Community of Practice and connect with us.

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