MEDUSA promotional video

MEDUSA project has recently launched its first promotional video in December 2020, under the name of  ‘’The Mediterranean…Home to your next adventure’’. The video intends to immerse the public in the Mediterranean adventure tourism. Through the use of Mediterranean beautiful shots, viewers will feel like they’re along for the ride. This MEDUSA short movie has been made by Michel Fakhoury. It highlights the beautiful natural environments and outdoor activities of the Mediterranean adventure tourism. It does so by portraying less-known adventure tourism sites, addressed to all kinds of public: from high adrenaline spots attractive for the youth, to calm landscapes attractive for families and the elderly. Therefore, inclusivity, together with gender balance and respect for all cultures and faiths, are some of the core values of the MEDUSA project that are reflected in the video.

It is worth stating that the MEDUSA project seeks the creation and improvement of new adventure tourism cross-border routes and itineraries, revealing lesser-known destinations and attracting tourists throughout the year while preserving biodiversity, wildlife, respecting the environment, inclusion of women, youth, and the elderly. Michel, the producer of the video, is a cinematographer, director, and editor based in Beirut, Lebanon. He was happy to be involved in the MEDUSA project, as it was the perfect opportunity for him to showcase what the Mediterranean has to offer. “Starting out with the project was both challenging and exciting at the same time. From finding the right way to tell the story, to create an original concept that will motivate people to visit the Mediterranean. A lot of people were involved behind the scenes in the production of this video. Some helped out with the script while others collaborated by sharing footage from across the Mediterranean because of Covid-19 travel restrictions” Michel stated. “Fact is, there is no better way to promote a positive and fulfilled life than the MEDUSA project!" Michel concluded.