MEDWAYCAP to boost solutions and strategies for wastewater reuse as a non-conventional water resource


MEDWAYCAP project started officially in October 2021, and from the first day the partners threw themselves enthusiastically into planning the ambitious foreseen activities.

The first action was to graph the program objectives, thus illustrating the project's topics and targets though forming a unique graphic identity to represent the core of the project.

We wish to become this wave of water that is able to “AWAKEN” the Mediterranean population, in order to first share a common concern about the water scarcity, then to decide upon investing efforts and funds so as to mitigate climate change impact, and finally to prepare ourselves to adopt solutions and strategies involving wastewater reuse as a non-conventional water resource (NCWR) at urban and rural level. 

The opportunity to meet all together in Thessaloniki for the first-time last December (2021), was perfect to debate on the different point of views to achieve our common goals, to compare details about “definitions” (what we mean by non-conventional water?) but also to translate into words our commitment, our needs and our “call to action” for the stakeholders. We recorded many short interviews and finally a short video clip was produced to quickly disseminate what is the ideas behind the project (also the needs and reasons) and to share our plans in order to contribute to this important cause and “Mediterranean” challenge. 

Watch the Video here  

What happened since that first meeting until today? 

We quietly prepared all the many activities and tools that will be launched this coming autumn! Some anticipations? 

We did online meetings for debating on the specific challenges we are facing, trying to make them more and more tangible and clear so as to be considered as “realistic challenges” able to answer to urgent needs of the Mediterranean territories and their stakeholders. A large amount of work was developed online and offline, that enabled the partners to achieve the draft of three main plans, related to the 3 most important questions we asked ourselves: 
-    How can we make knowledge really transferable and re-usable? 
-    How can we enhance the impact and foster the change at Mediterranean level?   
-    How can we foster NCWR, boost circular economy and bring new market dynamics upscaling measures at local level?

The second step was to start linking the “challenge owners/holders” to the challenges and mapping the main stakeholders to be involved before and during the activities.  

The above process is the preparatory phase of the “innovation camps” that will be developed from February to June 2023, in Tunisia and Jordan (for more info read the news 

What else? 

We are looking forward to the Mediterranean itinerant exhibition, that we are preparing involving creative young people and we can make it amazing!

If you don’t know what we mean, you cannot but read the news 

Just to fuel the action, we participated to the Interreg Volunteer Youth (co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund and the Association of European Border Regions - AEBR) recruiting a volunteer (a very energetic and promising young woman) to support us in this adventure of the exhibition! 

The exhibition will be hosted initially in Sicily, during an international event organised under the project NAWAMED, by two of the partners of MEDWAYCAP, already partners of NAWAMED.

It will be an occasion to meet again with all MEDWAYCAP partners and with well-known speakers from the institutional and scientific field, coming from all the Mediterranean region to share their results, ideas, point of views and proposals on the issue.

Save the date: from the 3rd to the 5th of October, Syracuse “Mediterranean green transition toward climate change adaptation and circular water management”.

Is that all? 

Obviously, not! 

We are sharing our knowhow and ideas to maximise the impact of the existing tools (AQUACYCLE and MENAWARA platform) upgrading them by means of new contents, new links, and by promoting them through different channels, before launching them also by the MEDWAYCAP channels for a wider diffusion of these two complementary tools. 

However, with the preoccupation that we might have missed some information, we decided to create a new tool: a Best Practices inventory for collecting, assessing and making more and more accessible the existing solutions, supplying high-level information, useful both to the experts, but also to decision makers and economic operators wanting to further invest in new solutions. 

Instead of further elaborating, it is better to urge you to discover our work yourselves step by step by following us during the next months or simply by joining us in Sicily in October and to meet us in person and have an in-person discussion! 

In any case, your contribution is important to us and not only for us, but for the common challenge we are facing… so do not hesitate and contact us should you have something to propose, to share or to promote!