Meet BESTMEDGRAPE associate partner "ICNODERM' from the dermo-cosmetic world


BESTMEDGRAPE project started more than two years ago thanks to the funding of the European Union through the ENI CBC MED program and the joint efforts of its partners.

ICNODERM, an associate partner of BESTMEDGRAPE, is an innovative start-up that operates in the dermo-cosmetic sector. Let’s get to know it more!


Introducing ICNODERM


Marco Zaru, CEO & co-founder of ICNODERM, tells our website that the company was born after years of research in the formulation sector, and it aims at making new products and technological-formulation innovations, usable.

Marco was born in a small village in the heart of Sardinia, and he graduated in Pharmacy and then achieved his Doctorate in Pharmaceutical Research and Technology at the University of Cagliari. He then achieved a European Ph.D. in Advanced Drug-Delivery in Greece. After years of working in the field and numerous collaborations with universities and private firms in the R&D sector of topical formulations, decides to realize his dream and founded Icnoderm. He represents the vision and he is the CEO of the company, being in charge of all the management and supervision of its components.

ICNODERM wants to introduce a new concept of “natural” meaning “similar to nature”, perfect in its simplicity and the main example of quality and efficacy. Technology, research, and experience merge in their philosophy in order to shape up the idea of essentiality.

ICNODERM is based in Sardinia. The location, on an island, is a double-edged sword, in Zaru’s opinion. The “commercial insularity” unfortunately creates a brake on potential development as too often inadequate government support makes us less competitive and further away from target markets, as he says.

But, on the other hand, Sardinia and the Mediterranean, in general, is a perfect place for collective imagination, because its environmental, climatic, and cultural peculiarities express 360 degrees the concept of health and well-being.


A collaboration between the Mediterranean countries…


For the same reason, Zaru sees that a collaboration between the potential entrepreneurs from the different Mediterranean countries would undoubtedly be interesting and attractive from a scientific and technical point of view, as certainly the union of endemic and cultural specificities, based on the common Mediterranean heritage, could create excellent synergies.