MENAWARA brings new ways to increase the benefits of agroforestry


During the 6th European Agroforestry Conference (EURAF2022 Nuoro, Italy, May 16-20) forty researchers from various European countries visited the Italian site of the MENAWARA project in Arborea (Sardinia). Prof. Alberto Carletti illustrated the intervention using non-conventional water to reduce the nitrate groundwater concentration. Some of the strengths of the project (recharge polluted aquifers by channeling drainage water into areas planted with trees and shrubs; low-cost interventions; active involvement of farmers) have particularly aroused the interest of researchers. Indeed, the agroforestry in Europe is one the strategic instruments to map out sustainable trails towards the green transition. A deal of utmost importance for Europe and its role in leading, also at global scale, the fight of climate change, environmental and economic degradation, irresponsible exploitation of natural resources, social exclusion.