MoreThanAJob event in Italy: Promoting the cooperation among actors of the Social and Solidarity Economy actors (SSE) and the public administration to foster social and labour inclusion of vulnerable groups

Where? CESIE, Via Roma 94, Palermo (Italy)

This is the final aim of the MoreThanAJob project that foresees a 3-year path during which actors of the Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) and the public administration will benefit from targeted training and activities for the co-design and co-development of social welfare initiatives. 

In order to start this process, CESIE will hold a meeting in which actors of the SSE can share and discuss their experiences in cooperating with the public administration for the development and implementation of services aimed at fostering social and labor inclusion of vulnerable groups. Identifying the success factors in their experiences will be a starting point for the development of a more effective cooperation process and of new forms of public-private cooperation. 

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