MoreThanAJob in Jordan promotes social innovation and empowerment of the less privileged, the disadvantaged and the marginalized through 2 sub-grants


In May 2021, MoreThanAJob project, launched a call for proposals for sub-grants to be awarded to the Social Solidarity Economy ‘SSE’ institutions and entities to support cooperation between Social and Solidarity Economy actors and Public Administration (PA) actors in Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Greece and Italy to support social and labour inclusion of vulnerable groups, with an emphasis on creating jobs and supporting young people and women.

A high standard of 8 proposals was received from several institutions in Jordan, and after careful evaluation of all applications, MoreThanAJob team announced the 2 winning projects in Jordan during a press conference held at Tafila Technical University (TTU) by Mutah University, MoreThanAJob project's partner on December 16, 2021.

The first winning project entitled "Social Solidarity Economy Values and Principles: Education and Training" is implemented by an NGO in Jordan called: International Support for Applied Research - Karak area, it targets trainers working with young people in developing their professional activity with an enlarged perspective including these SSE aims, possibly inside SSE organizations.

Through the project, many trainings and awareness plans will be carried out to qualify the trainees to engage in the roles they will be trained on to achieve the project's objectives. The project will develop a set of approaches related to community solidarity based on the relational economy, wishing and encouraging it, especially in environments that are less fortunate than to benefit from the rentier economy.

The second winning project entitled" Dairy Products Project - promote income and the social solidarity of the unemployed youth, poor families and Syrian refugees" is implemented by private institution in Jordan called : Shehan Charitable Society , it intends to promote income and the social solidarity of the unemployed youth, poor families and Syrian refugees who live in the remote area in south Jordan : Karak , Tafila , Ma’an , and Shobak. It targets poor and low-income families, especially the ones with unemployed mothers, and unemployed young people. Through implementing this project, several training courses will be provided to the target groups to be able to produce the products of the sheep's milk. Furthermore, support and guidance will be provided to the poor families and unemployed on the market needs of the food industries in the project area.

The press conference was attended by Dr. Esmat AlKaradsheh, Coordinator of Branch office of ENI CBC Med Programme for the Eastern Mediterranean – based in Aqaba and representatives from a variety of public authorities in Jordan. The event included presenting the newly adopted national policy of MoreThanAJob project. It also included various spaces for dialogue between the participants to discuss the policy which was distributed to the public authorities and decision makers in Jordan.

Zad Jordan , Al-Madena News , Al-Qalah News , Addustour 


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