MoreThanAJob portal: an integrated offer of services for the community well-being


The period we are living in has put more emphasis than ever on the role that the private sector, and even more the Social and Solidarity Economy "SSE" actors, plays in supporting the public sector in the delivery of services for the community. The cooperation among different realities and experiences is certainly an added value and can allow developing more effective services.

To this aim and following the enhanced relevance of e-tools during the COVID19 pandemic, the MoreThanAJob consortium developed an online portal tailored to support distance cooperation and, at the same time, to reach the most vulnerable groups of our societies. Therefore, the spread of distance services led us to structure the portal as a database of existing services and as a space to promote private-public cooperation.

The MoreThanAJob portal is an online multilingual structured database and interactive space aiming at fostering the dialogue and cooperation between Social and Solidarity Economy actors and public administrations for the development and delivery of services supporting the social and employment inclusion of vulnerable groups.

Through the portal, the SSE actors and public administrations will more easily develop synergies, collaborations, and co-design processes with other realities. This will support the development of innovation processes, synergies, and the capitalization of existing opportunities as well as a general improvement of the social services’ offer.

More specifically, it allows them to:

  • Showcase welfare and support services and opportunities they are offering to address the needs of the most vulnerable groups
  • Create collaboration opportunities for the development of new and innovative social services and opportunities with other actors registered on the portal
  • Include information on their expertise to facilitate the development of new cooperation opportunities at the local and international level

At the same time, the MoreThanAJob portal will provide vulnerable groups and, more generally, citizens with as complete as possible information on the existing services and opportunities in their territories. They will have a better overview and understanding of how these services and opportunities are delivered and how it is possible to access them.

To this aim, the content uploaded on the portal will be categorized into five main categories: Family and income support; Health and counseling services; Education and training; Career guidance and employment support; Culture, and participation.


This division in macro-categories will allow searching services and opportunities independently from prior knowledge of the specific public or private entity that provides them, thus facilitating users’ orientation in identifying the ones answering to their needs, expanding the catchment area of the actors registered on the portal and encouraging cooperation mechanisms among them.

Throughout the planning and development phase, our aim has been to create an innovative space that can be a focal point for SSE actors, public administrations, and the final beneficiaries in the long term.

For more information on the project and its activities, visit the MoreThanAJob webpage on the ENI CBC MED website and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.