MoreThanAJob subgrantee in Greece joins forces with Municipality of Galatsi, Athens, to inspire future community leaders


On Monday 26 September 2022, representatives of the Municipality of Galatsi and Symplexis, the actors behind the Greek subgrant project GuideCar, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). Their partnership consolidates the collaboration of the two parties towards improving social and labour inclusion of women, migrants, and other vulnerable groups. It also highlights the importance of synergies between public authorities and actors of the Social and Solidarity Economy.

The Municipality was represented by its General Secretary, Mr Aggelos Dimosthenous, and Symplexis was represented by its General Manager, Mr Georgios Alexopoulos. The MoU between them provides a framework of collaboration and support for the implementation of the subgrant, and the provision of services to the subgrant’s beneficiaries.

GuideCar is an ambitious project, that aspires to shape people from vulnerable groups into future community leaders through their interaction with experienced professionals, helping them to build the interpersonal skills that are necessary to reach their full potential. It does so through an e-mentoring website that offers orientation sessions where participants develop the skills necessary to maintain mutually beneficial relationships. GuideCar’s mentorship programme facilitates participants to develop their career prospects, leadership and diversity skills needed to succeed in a dynamically changing labour market.

The Municipality is very active and has deep connections with the local community of Galatsi as well as other Municipalities. While Symplexis provides the technical know-how and mentors for the provision of e-mentoring services. By joining forces, the two parties can provide opportunities for growth: the ultimate goal is to mentor 100 beneficiaries, so that they can carve their own professional path in leadership positions.

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