NEX-LABS partner Promotional Services Center in Sardinia (Italy) and its support to economic development of enterprises

Photo by Campaign Creators on Unsplash

In this issue of "Behind the scenes" we have interviewed Dr Gianluca Palomba, from the Italian partner Promotional Services Center in Italy who explained us the role of this special agency of the Chamber of Commerce of Cagliari in promoting and supporting the economic development of enterprises. As NEX-LABS partner, their role and expertise are crucial to create a bridge with enterprises for the development of Nexus Driven Open Living Labs (NDOLLs).

Gianluca, tell us more about your organization

The Promotional Services Center is a Special Agency of the Chamber of Commerce of Cagliari. It supports companies in Southern Sardinia by promoting their penetration into domestic and foreign markets. Its main areas of intervention are promotion, economic information, innovation and training.

What is your background and how does that background contribute to NEX-LABS?

I have been working for the Promotional Services Center for more than thirty years. I have been dealing with promotion, economic information and training. I have a University degree in law.  I also attended training courses on “internationalization of companies" and "facilitation". As is known, a facilitator is someone who helps a group of people to understand their common goals and helps them to achieve them. This activity is closely related to the one that is carried out by Living Labs. In fact, living labs are defined as networks that integrate user-centered research and open innovation, using methodologies for user engagement. I am sure, despite having recently started to deal with NEX-LABS, that I can make my experiences available to the project.

What is your role in the NEX-LABS project, what are you currently working on?

I am the new coordinator of the activities of competence of Promotional Services Center within NEX-LABS Project. 

What are your expectations in the NEX-LABS project? What do you think will have major impact for the Mediterranean community?

Given that NEX-LABS supports the efficient use of energy and water in agri-food, I expect that, in the supply chains concerned, its helix innovation methodology will really succeed in incorporating clusters of farmers, small producers and distributors, consumers, public institutions, with the support, in terms of innovation, of universities and research centers, from the geographical areas involved. In fact, I believe that cooperation in social and productive fields must, first of all, be sought as an indispensable basis for any new form of technological innovation. 

As concerns the use of the water, is useful to remember the opinion the European Institute of the Mediterranean. It has argue that, although the mediterranean area has witnessed major water supply projects over the past century, they have encountered many social and environmental limitations that require a combination of supply and demand management actions on how to minimize waste, improve efficiency and conservation works. 

What are your interests outside the project and your work?

I love swimming, walking in the countryside and visiting the archaeological sites of Sardinia. I write poems and novels ( Le anime di Francesco e il marinaio Hanba'aln - Gianluca Palomba - Libro - Mondadori Store).