NEX-LABS project featured in monitoring report on ENI CBC Med projects with Italian partners released by the Italian National Contact Point

Lukas via Pexels

The Italian ENI CBC Med National Contact Point has published a report with reference to a selection of initiatives financed by the ENI CBC MED Program 2014-2020 with the participation of one or more organizations based in Italy.

The study develops not so much on the analysis of quantitative/financial data, but on the aspects of impact on the territories involved by the broad Neighborhood Program in the Mediterranean basin, with the aim of collecting and valorizing results, outputs, activities, synergies and networks. 

The intention of the publication is also to guarantee - through the reconnaissance of information - sources and insights for the current and future implementation of both ENI CBC MED and Interreg Next MED 2021-27, and European Territorial Cooperation Programs in general.

The NEX-LABS project is featured on page 52 of the report, that can be downloaded from this link.