The NEX-LABS summer school - an intense week to discuss about business perspectives in Water, Energy and Food NEXUS

NEX-LABS summer school

With over 350 applications received, the NEX-LABS consortium had quite a busy time in selecting the winning candidates from Spain, Italy, Egypt, Tunisia, Jordan, Cyprus and Lebanon to build the teams for the summer school. 

In this intense week, from 27th June to 1st July, the teams will have the chance of elaborating on several topics to provide new business perspectives to NEXUS innovators, create potential collaboration across borders in the Mediterranean and help the entrepreneurs develop their entrepreneurial mindset and relevant skills to successfully launch and grow their business. 

In particular, the program is developed around the following topics:

1. Overview of the WEF sector

  • Innovation driver in the Water, Energy and Food (WEF) Sector. 
  • How to enter the Mediterranean WEF-NEXUS and build a thriving innovator cohort. 
  • Understanding the relationship between WEF system. 
  • Importance of the NEXUS in the region. 
  • Understanding how the climate change in the Mediterranean is affecting the NEXUS.
  • Hands on exercises and case studies and examples from the region.

2. Business model creation

  • Business model mapping. 
  • Business model canvas. 

3. Marketing and customer orientation

  • Customers and Value Proposition.
  • Market Analysis and Competitors.
  • Products and Services: Offer and Pricing.

4. Intellectual Property and commercialization process

  • Introduction: research, innovation, industry, IP, and protection of IP. 
  • Different types of IP. 
  • Patents. 
  • Commercialization strategies.  

5. Go to market strategy and market validation

  • Validating the Business Model.
  • The Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

6. Building financial projections

  • Review of revenue streams and cost setup.
  • Cash Flow projections.
  • Introduction to funding options and different types of investments.

7. Pitching

  • What is a Pitch.
  • How to make an effective pitch to investors presentation?
  • Hands on exercises.

Further information can be found on the event web pages