NEX-LABS at Techne Summit 2022 in Egypt showcased how technologies can impact the NEXUS challenges

NEX-LABS project

The NEX-LABS project was presented at Techne Summit 2022 held from 5th to 8th Novemberin the Bibliotheca Alexandrina. 

Gathering more than 21000 attendees and 800 startups from more than 70 countries, Techne Summit is an international event aimed to impact multiple sectors and stakeholders of the Startup Communities in The Mediterranean Region through showcasing different technologies and their application in each industry.

Represented by its Egyptian partner Academy of Scientific Research and Technology (ASRT), the NEX-LABS team captured the opportunity of being in this multi-industry-focused Investment & Entrepreneurship event to introduce the project's role in encouraging NEXUS stakeholders and young entrepreneurs to develop new technologies or services to meet NEXUS challenges and present the best practices in the nexus ecosystems booklet to show the best scenarios for each partner country to implement strategies that support solving the challenges in the field of energy, water, and food based on the diversity of each country's ecosystem and its needs.

In addition to exchanging information about the concept and implementation strategy of Nexus regional Open Living Labs with the goal of bridging the gap between NEXUS stakeholders to support the effective implementation of clean technologies for a sustainable and resilient increase in agro-food production in the European Union, as well as in the Middle East and North Africa.