Startup Business A.I
A.I for SME Business and Industry Analysis
A.1 Business and SMEs development
A.1.1 Start-ups and recently established enterprises
To design a platform that acts with Artificial Intelligence (AI) in supporting the entrepreneurs/start-ups and SME's in Jordan and direct them to understand the market and business demands. The useful data for business analytics can be virtually limitless, establishing common metrics with smart tools in order to use it for recommendations and prediction:
- Market analysis
- Customer experience and habits
- Business Expenses
- Financial considerations
- Competitor pricing
- Market/product demand
and much more.
There is a wealth of data available within the public sector (ministries and local departments) in addition to the private sector communities. A wide spectrum of data is always useful to have on the radar, to establish data points that directly tie into the market and business needs. AI tools will learn over time to give the best possible business opportunities, required input and output, increase revenues, and cut costs.
To design and/or utilise existing tools and capabilities to gather useful data that will help guide all kinds of business decisions. With AI technology to aid in processing and filtering data, business analytics becomes easier and more supportive to decision making process.
We expect new startups to come up and new companies as many people lost their jobs, it is expected to have more than 30,000 Jordanians returning back home from the GCC. The new market realities and new business model. The start-ups of small and medium size business are facing challenges to understand the market trends, changes and demands. SMEs are Ad-hocly entering the market without adequate knowledge and experience. The AI tool will be the platform in supporting decision-making, and understanding the market demands. in addition to support the new and existing SMEs better realise the clients’ needs and hence AI will arrive and generate ways in which they can better leverage. AI can be a great supporting tool that allows SME think of business and to focus on more valuable and impactful opportunities across the market.
- A predictive tool to simulate the business and its viability for establishment
- To support the entrepreneurs and SME better understand the market size and demands.
- Help in decision making and setting the business expectations
- Growth of SME matching best fit potential demands
- Improve the capabilities of the new start-up and how to understand customer demands
- Minimise the risk and the quick closure of many small start-ups
None currently
Some of the stakeholders who can contribute and participate in are:
- The Ministry of Industry and Trade -
- Department of Statistics – Jordan -
- Jordan Investment Commission -
- Malta -
2 million Euro
Sindyan - non for profit organisation
Company or other economic operator