Re3ayah - رعاية
Parenting by Connecting
A.3 Promotion of social inclusion and the fight against poverty
A.3.2 Social and solidarity economy
Parenting by connecting, an initiative to establish a project to help families from a wide range of communities to build or strengthen the all-important parent-child connection. The current life style has increased the distance and connection with children and parents, in addition, the thinking and mindset differences has widened understanding child needs and future expectations. The aim is to develop programs around the country, that focuses solely on that connection. The programs shall consist of coaching, classes (direct and online) and workshops to bring in leading practices in parenting, education and wellbeing to the country. The growth of this project shall be spread across Jordan governorates.
The mission is to provide parents with insights, skills, and support they need to listen to and connect with their children in a way that allows each child to thrive. Strengthening our communities and building deeper connection.
- To understand the challenge of strengthening families and reducing family stress.
- To encourage effective communication, positive relationship and respect for children.
- To build children’s social, emotional and cognitive functioning.
- To develop the local capabilities and utilise and improve the existing ones to support the initiatives through workshops and coaching.
- To provide the required information to help parents deal with issues from children.
- Help children make smarter choices, not out of fear of punishment, but because they are less stressed, more connected, and attuned.
- Build confidence in children, which allows them to act from their own values and not those of their peers.
Currently None - Seeking partners
Ministry of Social Affairs -
The National Council for Family Affairs (NCFA), in cooperation with UNHCR Jordan and the Chief Islamic Justice Department,
Fundacion Diagrama -
Seeking local and regional partners
1 million
Sindyan - non for profit organisation
Company or other economic operator