The power of collaboration, ARTOLIO and the case of Konstantinos and Christina Strivakos of the Kalamata region, Greece


Due to the increasing effect of global warming on the fields, farmers all over the world have felt the need to adapt to the new conditions of weather by finding ways around the harsh conditions. Before, olive groves fared well against harsh and dry weather because the olive trees are very resilient and can survive with little water, however, the current and constant droughts have begun to become unbearable and thus additional help is more and more necessary as time goes by and the weather conditions worsen. ARTOLIO is constantly seeking to help its farmers overcome the situation with the aid of agronomic knowledge, that is, the use of all sources available in each individual field, and by providing the mechanical and infrastructural support needed in each case.

Konstantinos and Christina Strivakos were having the same problem last year. 2021 brought few rains in their area, Kalamata (Greece). They spent April and October without rain, two crucial months that could have provoked the olives to mature earlier if it were not for the fact that they had managed to install an irrigation system funded by the ARTOLIO project prior to the drought season. Thus the year’s cultives were saved from aging prematurely and thus the quality of their excellent extra virgin olive oil did not suffer from it.

“We are very happy to participate in the project, my brother and I. We found ARTOLIO through social media, because we are constantly looking for seminars, new information and projects to be a part of. We found out about ARTOLIO there and contacted our current regional manager”, adds Christina Strivakos, co-owner of LIA along with her brother Konstantinos. They had inherited the family business in 2012 and made a brand of their own, refusing to keep selling their olive oil to third parties. Nowadays, they export their high quality extra virgin olive oil throughout Europe and beyond.

Konstantinos and Christina’s case is a fine example of what can be done through the power of collaboration. ARTOLIO takes pride in helping its farmers achieve their objectives in whatever ways available. It heavily reinforces the sharing of knowledge and techniques to improve the quality of the olive oil of its participants, and will continue to do so.