PPI4MED: achievements, progress and challenges in proposing innovative solutions in the strategic areas of health, energy efficiency, water management and security.


The PPI4MED project, focuses on addressing the challenges and solving the problems of the Mediterranean region, carrying out numerous actions through the Living Labs it has implemented in Italy, Jordan, Spain and Tunisia. Conceived as platforms for collaboration between representatives of the Public Administration and SMEs and large companies developing innovative technological products and solutions, they are a key element in promoting new proposals.

Within this framework and during the past year, nearly 50 agreements have been signed with representatives of public administrations and private companies, with the aim of solving the needs detected in the region in different strategic areas ranging from health to safety, including water management and security.

Thus, the 10 events held have identified more than 70 existing needs in key countries in this area such as Egypt, Italy, Jordan, Spain and Tunisia in fields such as efficient energy generation, health, the textile industry, waste management and security.