PPI4MED identifies common interest with Med-EcoSuRe to boost innovation in the Mediterranean


PPI4MED in Tunisia, through the Agence Nationale de la Promotion de la Recherche Scientifique (ANPR), has signed a collaboration agreement with the Med - EcoSuRe project, promoted by the Centre Méditerranéen des Énergies Renouvelables (MEDREC).

Both projects share the objectives of promoting and boosting innovation among Mediterranean regions and have points of interest in common such as sustainability, climate change or the use of alternative energies.

Med-EoSuRe aims to find energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions, as well as rehabilitation plans in university buildings and will have the implementation of pilots in 9 university buildings in Tunisia, Italy, Spain, and Palestine.

PPI4MED, for its part, works on the technology transfer and the commercialisation of public research results through Public Procurement Innovation  in the Mediterranean region, making patents available to research centres to solve problems that arise in society.

The signing of the collaboration agreement took place on 9th  June 2022 during a conference attended by members and leaders of both projects as well as representative from the ENI CBC MED programme.

The search for synergies is essential to promote a broad network of knowledge and enrichment of experiences and success stories.

PPI4MED and Med-EcoSuRe will work together over the lifetime of their projects to find common fields in which to collaborate for the betterment of society.