PPI4MED in Spain promotes public procurement of innovation in the water management sector


TWIST, "Transnational Water Innovation Strategy", is an Interreg project funded by the European Commission through the SUDOE Interreg programme. The main objective is to develop an open model of innovation in wastewater management.

Under the TWIST initiative, there are three Living Labs for innovation in the water sector that have been created in Portugal, Spain (Andalusia) and France to identify opportunities.

At this conference of living lab's presentation, organized by the Andalusian Agency of Knowledge (AAC) from the regional government of Andalusia,  there was a section about public procurement of innovation (PPI) in the water sector. PPI4MED, led by the CSIC, participates in this to show the key role that Living-Labs can play in the development of Public Procurement of Innovation actions through knowledge transfer, transforming the innovation system of the water sector.

The CSIC has presented the new model of public procurement of innovation that PPII4MED is developing in four countries in the Mediterranean region. This model values and transfer the scientific results of public innovation centres to industry and society through the co-design of innovative public procurement platforms. 

The PPI4MED has strengthened synergies between the Andalusian region and based on main results from other EU funded project, and it could be a channel to new opportunities under the PPI4MED framework.

You can watch the conference here.