PPI4MED supports the exploitation of research results to tackle societies´ needs in the Mediterranean


On Thursday 16th December 2021, the National Research Council (CSIC), leader of PPI4MED in Spain, carried out the presentation of the project within the conference organised by the Vicepresidency for Knowledge Transfer (VATC for its acronym in Spanish) of this institution.

Almost 260 attendees were able to learn first-hand about the role played by this office, which will analyse the current portfolio of patents held by the CSIC - the first Spanish entity to apply for European patents at the European Patent Office (EPO). In fact, in 2020, a total of 208 assets have been protected (patents, plant varieties, software, utility models, trademarks, biological material and industrial secrets) and 10 technology- based companies have been created - taking into account the needs and challenges detected by public procurers and private companies.

The groups and researchers who will develop products and technologies for the public sector in areas such as the environment, health and climate change, among others, will then be mobilized by the mentioned office.

Finally, it will deal with the commercialisation of scientific and technological results and solutions through innovative public


The PPI4MED roadmap is ambitious, but so are the challenges to achieve the main objective, which is to solve some of the current difficulties faced by societies in the different countries participating in the project.