PPI4MED in Tunisia creates an innovation procurement living lab to analyse the needs of Tunisian strategic sectors


The National Agency for Scientific Research Promotion  (ANPR), through PPI4MED project, has set up an innovation observatory with key players in the country to analyse the results of the surveys launched in January on the market during the meetings it has held.

In these workshops, which have promoted innovation procurement, the ANPR has brought together sellers - the private sector - and procurers - the public sector - from strategic sectors at all levels, such as health, ICT, energy, water, agri-food and textiles, 20 key players of innovation participated.

These major themes are cross-cutting and affect society as a whole, taking into account their environmental implications and their translation into public policy and public management.

These surveys are expected to identify specific needs to be addressed with different technical solutions, which will be studied in the coming months.